LuLu Roman has enjoyed many successes in her life, but also more than her share of disappointments and hardships. Famous for her side-splitting
humor and jovial disposition, a lesser-known story lies behind those clear,
radiant eyes, which have often been filled with tears of both pain and joy.

People know LuLu as the most requested female cast member of the long
running hit television series, "Hee Haw". Many know her as the
accomplished and celebrated songwriter; and as the singer who has been
successfully making records for over 25 years.

Few know that Lulu was born with a thyroid dysfunction in a home for
unwed    mothers and quickly in an orphanage. It was there that her weight
problem furthered her pain, preventing her adoption and making her the
center of teasing by the other children. It was also during this time that
LuLu learned to use her sense of humor as a defense.

That sense of humor later evolved into a highly successful career as an
actress and comedienne with a lead role on "Hee Haw." Success and
wealth, however proved poisonous to the actress who began her career in
her early twenties. Drug addiction led LuLu on a downward spiral that
nearly destroyed her life and her career in 1971.

LuLu's search for happiness and acceptance, which had almost led her to
her personal destruction, instead, led her to God. It was her new found
faith in God that led her to begin using a talent that had been laying
dormant for many years - her voice.

In 1999, LuLu was inducted into the Country Gospel Music Hall of Fame.  
In 2002 Lulu's 16th album, a collection of hits and favorites called Lulu
INSPIRED, was nominated for a Dove award.  In 2006, LuLu recorded the
song "Orphan Girl" which is the title song of an "Americana" type
recording project which features Gospel, Country and Rhythm & Blues.  
This almost biographical song has become her signature song and is
enjoyed in concerts all over the United States.  Her newest project, entitled
"Seven Times" has been over three years in the making.  "I am very proud
of this project" says LuLu.  "I features songs by a wonderful songwriter
named Micheal Wells.  It also has a special song written by Dottie Rambo.
 She had never gotten the chance to record it before her passing and she
asked me to share it with the world.  

LuLu now tours the United States singing and sharing her testimony as
well as her unpredictable sense of humor.  She is an accomplished author
having written her own autobiography in the late 70s and the new "Kitchen
Komforts" cookbook.  The cookbook includes delicious recipes, stories
about her life and numerous personal photographs.

If you have not experienced a performance by LuLu Roman you are
missing an indescribable blessing.  She will make you laugh, cry, examine
your life, and she will share with you some great gospel music.
1968 - 1995
1992 - 1995
Performed at the Inauguration Celebration of
President Ronald Reagan
Performed on "Hee Haw Live" at the Roy Acuff
Theater in Nashville, TN.
Inducted into the Country Gospel Music Hall of
Fame and performed on the Gaither
Homecoming Video Series.
Appearance on the "Touched By An Angel"
season finale episode.
Gospel Music Association Dove Award
Nominee "Country Gospel Album of the Year"
Regular cast member on the syndicated
television show "Hee Haw"
Career Highlights
SGM Fan Fair nominee for "Naomi Sego
Living Legend Award"
2009:  Seven Times
Son of Jesse/Daywind Records
2006:   Orphan Girl  
Martingale Music
2004:   LuLu Live                                            
MAJEKA Music Group
2001:   LuLu Roman INSPIRED
MAJEKA Music Group                    
2000:   LuLu Sings Patsy                             
Loving Rain Music
1998:   Intimate Expression                          
Daywind Records
1997:   Hymns, Promises and Praises             
Daywind Records
1991:    Best Friends                                 
Benson Records
1990:   Key To The Kingdom                           
Homeland Records
1988:    Joy                                                     
Homeland Records
1987:   Hymns That Light My Way                  
Word Records
1986:   Take Me There                                    
Word Records
1984:   You Were Loving Me                          
Word Records
1979:   Sing For My Friends                          
Rainbow Records
1978:    LuLu's Testimony                                  
Rainbow Records
1976:    Love Coming Down                          
Rainbow Records
1975:   One Day At A Time                          
Rainbow Records
1974:    Now Let Me Sing                                 
Rainbow Records        
Gospel Music Association Dove Award Winner
for "You Were Loving Me" project.
Diamond Award Winner "J. D. Sumner Living
Legend Award"
Received "Doctorate of Sacred Music" from
North Carolina College of Theology
Inducted into Christian Music Hall Of Fame